For beer lovers everywhere, these two words can represent 31 challenging days of the year: Dry January. But do not despair! This year, you can atone for your holiday excesses without forgoing the beverage you love. We’ve found a delicious loophole for you. Below you’ll discover our selections of crisp and refreshing non-alcoholic options with no shortage of flavor. Get ready to sail through that Dry January challenge!


Athletic Brewing Co

Run Wild IPA, Upside Dawn, All Out Stout, Cerveza Atletica, Stump Jump, Downwinder Gose & Free Wave IPA

Athletic Brewing Co is bringing non-alcoholic beer into the 21st century, developing a wide variety of options from IPAs to stouts to gose, all carefully designed through the art and science of craft brewing.

Bitburger Premium Pils Drive

With subtle notes of gingerbread and vermouth, Bitburger Premium Pils Drive is one non-alcoholic brew that allows the delicate aromas and flavors of true German beer to shine.

Brooklyn Special Effects Hoppy Amber

So named because of the seemingly magical fermentation technique that allows for all the character of beer without the alcohol, Brooklyn Special Effects Hoppy Amber is sure to satisfy your cravings.


Amber, Grapefruit, Dry-Hopped & Original

Accolades abound for Clausthaler’s award-winning brews, and it’s safe to say that their Original, formerly Clausthaler Classic, sets the bar for other non-alcoholic beers.


Erdinger’s non-alcoholic Weissbier might not be your next go-to pre-workout drink, but it boasts some healthy qualities, such as its isotonic properties (we had to look it up, too) and an infusion of vitamin B9.

Lagunitas IPNA

Even Lagunitas are astounded that they developed a non-alcoholic IPA that’s quite this good, although it may have something to do with the high-quality Yakima Valley hops that they also use in their regular IPA.

Paulaner Weizen-Radler

Refreshment knows no equal to the radler – a thirst-quenching combination of Hefe-Weizen and lemonade – and Paulaner has done a great service to all those undertaking Dry January with this non-alcoholic version.

Texas Select Lager

Pioneers of the non-alcoholic beer niche in Texas and across America, Texas Select lends Lone Star energy to their lager, which hints of apple and spice among its dry malty taste.

Warsteiner Premium Fresh

Thanks to select high quality ingredients, the same full-bodied flavor can be found in Warsteiner’s non-alcoholic offerings as in their original pilsener.


Claiming medals in international beer competitions, Weihenstephaner’s non-alcoholic wheat beer could easily replace your go-to after work refreshment.



Dogfish Head Lemon Quest  

Dogfish Head’s juicy addition to our non-alcoholic line-up cannot come soon enough – in fact, this fruity wheat might entice you to extend your Dry January just for an excuse to try it out.