Sayonara, Winter! You had us holed up inside, doing puzzles and binge watching the latest series. With warmer days and more sun to soak up, we’re ready to step outside and enjoy the weather, the blooming bluebonnets and a few brews with friends. Put away the fuzzy socks and finish off your porters and stouts, it’s time to stock that fridge with lighter fare. Read on for spring-approved beers, boozy teas, canned cocktails, hard seltzers, ciders, hard kombucha and ranch water.



Schöfferhofer Hefeweizen Grapefruit

It’s 50% beer, 50% grapefruit juice, and 100% that feeling of relaxing in a sun-dappled outdoor beer garden in the spring.

Goose Island 312

This urban wheat ale has a spicy aroma with a fruity flavor and a creamy body – a complex cityscape suited for strolling around downtown on a warm spring afternoon.

SweetWater High Light

Thanks to that Sticky Hop Hash, this brew keeps the calories low and the hoppy IPA flavor high – a mellow beer made for mellowing out.

Martin House The Salty Lady Gose

As the days warm up, you’ll appreciate the tartness tempered by salt that is the hallmark of the Gose style – made a little more citrusy and earthy with the addition of coriander.

Altstadt Kölsch

Honoring a delicate brew style that hails from Cologne, Germany, this Kölsch is made right here in Texas – and carries with it all the crispness and refreshment you’ll need for the season.

Real Ale Crispy Business

Subtly sweet, moderately bitter with aroma of apricot, peach and blackberry – this light and crushable beer is your go-to for that first spring get together in the backyard.




Owl’s Brew Jasmine, Blueberry & Lemon

Get ready to bask in that springtime sun with this bold and botanical, fruity and floral hard tea. Plus, this refreshing brew is vegan and gluten-free!

Lagunitas Disorderly TeaHouse Yuzu Lemon Squeeze

This unique hard tea uses guayusa leaves from the Ecuadorian Amazon – talk about spring break destination! – and punches it up with tart yuzu and lemon.


Canned Cocktails


‘Merican Mule Southern Mule

Bringing the mule to the states and making it uniquely southern to boot, this cocktail-in-a-can with Tennessee bourbon, ginger, orange and cherry goes with every type of spring gathering.

Big Country Sparklin’ Cocktails Jenny Lane

Jenny is the ranch’s official mixologist, and her hill country cocktail is made to keep you cool in the sun through spring and into summer.

Waterbird Spirits Tequila Margarita

That Jalisco, Mexico, blanco tequila makes a mighty fine cocktail and the perfect portable margarita for a Tex-Mex picnic to kick off spring.

CoCo Rum Original

Real coconut water with a toasty aroma pair perfectly with the soft warming taste of rum to give you all the spring break vibes in your backyard or wherever your cooler can go.




Blur Lemon Blueberry Hard Craft Seltzer

Keep on sippin’ in the sun with the familiar sweetness of blueberry paired with the tantalizing zip of lemonade.

Wild Basin Cucumber Peach Boozy Water

Here’s your spring getaway in a can, sporting ripe peach and crisp cucumber to make you feel like you’ve just landed at your favorite destination.

San Juan Ranier  Wild Strawberry Lemonade & Blackberry Lemonade PNW Spiked Lemonade Variety Pack & Peach Rose

From your grandma’s windowsill to this two-flavor pack of cans, lemonade is the original backyard-on-a-hot-day beverage – reimagined as a boozy seltzer with wild fruit flavors. If you’re into wine over lemonade, instead try Peach Rosé for a crisp, floral brew with mellow notes of Merlot.




Bishop Pineapple

The warming weather of spring calls for a classic crisp apple cider that features a tropical fruit guest star. While we have a major sweet spot for this juicy mashup, it’s not overwhelmingly sweet and is supremely sippable on a sunny day.

Ace Mango 

Thanks to the best Ecuadorian mangoes, the taste of the tropics in this cider gives you that spring vacay feeling on your own back porch.

Woodchuck Mimosa

Spring invites you to take your brunches outside, best enjoyed with this mimosa cider bursting with orange zest, citrus notes and a subtle hint of vanilla.




Deep Ellum  Ellum Ranch

Grab a deck chair or a chaise lounge – this lime-, salt- and electrolyte-infused Patio Water is for spring days when you’ve been cooped up inside and just have to get out and bask in that big Texas sky.

Karbach Prickly Pear

Nothing like a little cactus juice in your Ranch Water to simmer down the occasional spring heatwave here in Texas – plus the agave and lime strike a perfect balance between sweet and tart.

Lone River Ranch Rita

It’s Ranch Water that resembles a margarita – now that calls for rustling up some friends and grilling some skirt steak for a backyard fajita party.




Flying Embers Pineapple Chili

This hard kombucha has struck the perfect balance of sweet and heat to fuel your springtime festivities, plus they say that live probiotic is kind of good for you.

Strainge Beast Watermelon, Sea Salt, Lime, & Mint 

Something odd yet intriguing is sprouting in the garden this spring – a refreshingly sweet, tart and salty creation that you’ll want to enjoy all season long.