Updated for 2022

At long last, Dry January is behind us. If you were on board, cheers! You made it! Honestly, one month was enough. Whether you went dry or not, you might be sticking to New Year, New You resolutions. To help you stay on track, may we propose Healthy-ish February? We sampled light beers from our favorite  breweries and assembled a diet-friendly list that all still pack a flavor punch. Get ready to crush some beers and your goals!


Avery El Gose

Calories: 100

The love child of a Mexican Lager and a German Gose, this tart and refreshing – and did we mention light? – sour ale pays homage to the Gose tradition with sea salt and lime.


Bud Light Next 

Calories: 80

Keeping you on the keto kick, this well-known American style light beer has turned the carbs down to zero so you can enjoy without breaking any of those low carb diet taboos.


Dogfish Head Slightly Mighty Lo-Cal IPA

Calories: 95

Wielding a mighty not-so-secret weapon, monk fruit, Dogfish Head’s low-cal IPA delivers delicious tropical flavors and a refreshing hop profile without unnecessary sugars.


Karbach Love Street Light 

Calories: 96

Crisp, floral and pretty groovy, this light lager will put a pep in your step and make you want to dance the calories away – and there aren’t too many of those, thank goodness.


Lagunitas DayTime IPA

Calories: 98

Bright as a sunny day to the eyes, like a blooming bouquet on the nose, this beer was developed to lighten your spirits but also make it easier to go back for another can.


Odell Good Behavior Crushable IPA

Calories: 110

For when you don’t quite need to be on your best behavior, Good Behavior is an ideal sessionable IPA with a light body, slight haze and crisp finish to keep you coming back.


Oskar Blues One-Y IPA

Calories: 100

You’ll forget you’re drinking a low-calorie beer when you experience the citrusy, fruit-forward and herbal vibes of this hazy IPA.


Real Ale Firemans Light Lager

Calories: 110

This light lager delivers crisp and clean refreshment with a malt-driven finish, proving that light beer definitely qualifies as Real beer.


Sapporo Light

Calories: 110

Take the balanced flavor of Sapporo Premium but give it a lighter body and an even smoother finish – the very definition of drinkability.


SweetWater High Light 

Calories: 100

Preserving flavor is sticky business for light beer brewers – which is why SweetWater brews this one with sticky Hop Hash, keeping calories and ABV low while maintaining all the hoppy IPA flavor you love.