Updated March 2021

Spring has sprung! The birds are chirping, the sun is shining more, and we find ourselves gravitating toward lighter beer styles that are just asking to be enjoyed at favorite outdoor drinking spots like a backyard or a sunny porch. Looking for the perfect beer styles to go with your spring? Check out some of our seasonal favorites and get ready try some of this crisp refreshment for yourself! As an added bonus, we’ve even included the proper glass for each beer type and a pairing recommendation to help you get your spring on like a pro!

Gose (Pronounced “Goes-a”)

A classic German beer style, the Gose is a top fermented wheat beer and is perfect for casually sipping on beautiful days. This dry, cloudy yellow brew is lightly hopped, typically seasoned with ground coriander seeds, and is slightly salty. Refreshingly crisp and a little sour, the Gose is also occasionally infused with fruity flavors so keep an eye out for yummy varieties!

Suggested Glassware: Weizen Glass

Pairing Recommendation: This salty beer pairs well with grilled foods – so get out there and fire it up! We’d also like to point out that salt pairs well with caramel… just saying.

Examples to Sample: Avery El Gose, Cigar City Margarita Gose, Martin House Salty Lady, Real Ale Vamanos, Dogfish Head SuperEIGHT, and Left Hand Wheels Gose Round.

Kölsch (Pronounced “K’ul-Sh”)

Another classic out of Germany, many US breweries have now adopted this thirst-quenching style and made it their own. A gorgeous pale beer, the Kölsch has a dry flavor, is softly hopped, and is superbly sessionable.

Suggested Glassware: Stange Glass

Pairing Recommendation: enjoy a Kölsch with with lighter fare like salmon or a tasty spring salad. Looking for something a little heartier? Match up a Kölsch with its soul mate – a hot, grilled German bratwurst!

Examples to Sample: Karbach Lovestreet, Alaskan Kolsch, Saint Arnold Fancy Lawnmower, Altstadt Kolsch, and Franconia Kolsch.

Hefeweizen (Pronounced “Hay-Fa-Vye-T’sen”)

The Hefeweizen hails from southern Germany but has gained a serious following here in the US. This wheat beer’s unique yeast variety gives it some fun flavors that are perfect for the warmer seasons. You may taste banana, bubblegum, cloves, other spices, or even apples in this tasty dry and tart brew. Hefeweizens are cloudy and often enjoyed with a slice of lemon – although that can affect the beer’s aromatic head.

Suggested Glassware: Weizen Glass

Pairing Recommendation: Hefeweizens pair impeccably with fish tacos, salads with fruit and goat cheese, and chicken dishes – can anyone say spring dinner in the back yard?

Examples to Sample: Julius Echter Hefe, Paulaner Hefe Weizen, Weihenstephan Hefe Weissbier, Schofferhofer Grapefruit Hefeweizen-Mix, Altstadt Hefeweizen, Independence Freak Power, and Hofbrauhaus Hefe Weizen

Bonus Spring Sippers

Here are a few more new and tried & true easy drinking favorites to try:

Goose Island 312 Lemonade Shandy, Karbach Lil’ Chela, Oskar Blues Slow Chill, Victory Easy Ringer, Wild Acre Imperial Pineapple, Founders All Day IPA, Deschutes Wowza!, and Odell Sippin Pretty.