Prost to German Beer!

Hold onto your Lederhosen, we’re about to drop some knowledge. German Beer Day on April 23 traces its origin all the way back to 1516 when the beer purity law – or Reinheitsgebot – effectively outlawed any ingredient other than barley, hops and water in the brewing process.

What about yeast? They didn’t yet understand its function. Essentially, the law was consumer protection, keeping prices low and dangerous, sometimes hallucinogenic ingredients out of beer.

What about your favorite Hefeweizen or Weißbier which uses wheat instead of barley? Eventually, they expanded the law to include any malted grain and, of course, yeast.

And that’s it – four ingredients, yet so many possibilities! After extensive taste testing, we’ve compiled our favorite breweries that make the most out of what they’re working with to deliver prost-worthy flavor.



The inspiration is in the name! Old world standards executed with modern tech allow Altstadt – German for Old Town – to deliver beer with a smooth, crisp flavor, thanks in part to the fresh waters of Texas Hill Country.


From the home of Oktoberfest, this Munich-based brewery began with monks in a monastery and now delivers their delectable, purity law-compliant brews to 70 countries world-wide.


Also hailing from Munich, Hofbräuhaus is beer royalty and claims their brews follow recipes descending from a Bavarian duke, a relative of the one who signed the Reinheitsgebot into law – no wonder their logo is a crown!


This brewery born near Dresden attributes some of their passion for pilsner to the crisp Saxon air – but don’t worry, they aren’t violating any laws by brewing with it.


This 125 year old brewery made a splash in Munich by brewing light beer in dark times – as in, times when everyone was drinking dark beer – and continue to brew exceptional quality beer thanks to the purity law and the purity of the water in their own wells.


Named for the small German town where they got their start, this family-owned brewery has an ace up their sleeve when it comes to one of the four ingredients: The extra-soft water from a reserve in the surrounding forest gives their brews a distinctive and delicious flavor.


With over 1,000 years of brewing experience, Weihenstephaner predates the Reinheitsgebot but claims some credit for the purity law, and they even boast the name Bavarian State Brewery Weihenstephan.


This iconic Belgian wheat beer takes a couple liberties from the Reinheitsgebot by adding coriander and orange peel to their beer – so if four ingredients just doesn’t sound like enough for you, this is our recommended cheat beer.

Summer Sippers


Long summer days offer a world of possibilities. How about grilling in the backyard or swinging in a hammock, fishing, or taking a trip to the beach, or just relaxing with friends? Whatever you get up to, you’ll need the perfect drink to pair with your many hours of daylight and fun. Read on for a list of 15 lighter-bodied yet full-flavored brews that you can session from sunup to sundown and beyond.



Dogfish Slightly Mighty

4% ABV

Fruity and dry, this low-cal IPA leverages the sweetness and body of monk fruit to keep calories and sugar in check while sporting some welcome bitterness without a heavy malt bill.


Oskar Blues One-y

4% ABV

So much flavor is packed into this Hazy IPA – we’re talking citrus zest, biscuity malt and herbal vibes – that you’ll completely forget it’s low in calories.


Real Ale Firemans Light

4% ABV

This easy-drinking lager is light beer for craft beer drinkers – a perfect combination of a crisp, light body with a clean, malt-driven finish.


Sierra Nevada Summer Break

4.6% ABV

Cannonball into summer with hoppy notes of mango and passion fruit that complement the smooth malt flavor of this Session Hazy IPA.


SweetWater High Light 

4% ABV

Dubbed an Easy IPA due to its low-calorie, low-ABV design, the secret to its supreme flavor/drinkability combination comes down to brewmaster genius and a little sticky Hop Hash.


Victory Tart Monkey

4.9% ABV

The tangy and refreshing twist of guava in this Session Sour Ale will have you feeling like you’re kicking back on a beach in the tropics.




Bishop The Light Cide

4% ABV

Ideal for weekdays, vacation days or just a sunny afternoon, this dry cider skips the sugars and sweeteners yet remains shamelessly delicious.


Woodchuck 100

4.2% ABV

A variety pack dedicated to sessionable ciders, these four fruity options – not a one being apple – will brighten up any summer day. Go ahead and have one of each (or two, or three).


Ace Berry Rosé

5% ABV

This elevated apple cider sports that summery rosé hue and a triple-berry blend of wild blackberry, raspberry and strawberry juices.




Alaskan Hard Seltzer Mixed Pack 

4.5% ABV

There’s a seltzer for all your summer sessioning friends in this mix pack – some tart, others sweet, all of them delicious and all made with Sitka spruce for a distinctly Alaskan flavor profile.


Blur Hard Seltzer Variety Pack

5.2% ABV

Surprising and sometimes exotic flavor combinations – like mango and dragon fruit – set these four seltzers apart, like a tastebud adventure to match any summer adventure you have in store.


Deep Ellum Blind Lemon Variety Pack

5% ABV

It all started with the original Blind Lemon, named for the blues legend – now the family has grown to a total of four crushable brews made for Texas summers.


Founders Más Agave Seltzer Variety Pack

4.5% ABV

Redefining crisp and refreshing – i.e. made for sessions in the summer heat – these three seltzers are a mouth-watering fusion of blue agave nectar, natural sugar cane, real fruit juice and a dash of salt.




Flying Embers Hard Kombucha Variety Pack

4.5-7.2% ABV

Two popular flavors hit that low ABV sweet spot for sessioning, but feel free to bring the other hits along with you on your summer outings, maybe when the sun goes down and you’re kicking it up a notch.


Boochcraft Grapefruit Hibiscus

7% ABV

And finally, the turn-it-up brew, you know, for after you’ve lit the tiki torches – it’s bright and refreshing and perfect for kicking off the party on a hot summer night.