Updated for 2021

Happy Halloween, hops fans! Along with the seemingly endless piles of candy in every store, it’s that time of year again when your house seems to magically fill up with sweet treats. If you keep thinking, “candy, candy everywhere, but what am I to drink?” we’re here to help! You’ve heard of pairing beer and food, but have you tried pairing beer and candy? Make the best of this season’s confections and impress your friends with the info in this handy pairing how-to guide because Halloween fun isn’t just for the kids!

Twix + Chocolate Porter: While Chocolate porters are a delight on their own, pairing the caramel, biscuit, and milk chocolate of a Twix with this rich, bold brew is a next level treat. We love how the Porter’s maltiness meshes with the slight saltiness of the caramel and the crunch of the biscuit. We’re pretty sure you you’ll dig it too!
Try it with: Deschutes Black Butte Porter



Snickers + Brown Ale: There’s something about pairing a chocolatey brown ale with a peanut and caramel filled Snickers that may spontaneously make you feel like your lucky stars have aligned. But don’t take our word for it – go ahead and try this one for yourself!
Try it with: Cigar City Maduro


Butterfinger + Pale Ale: Hold a Butterfinger in one hand and a pale ale in the other because adulting is hard and you’ve earned this one! The rich chocolate and crunchy peanut buttery goodness taste like magic when matched up with helping of smooth, bitter hoppiness from a tasty pale ale. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.
Try it with: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale



Caramel Apples + Cider:  This classic combo is a total no-brainer. The salty sweet caramel pairs perfectly with the crisp apple cider and will give you all the fall feels. The clean refreshing cider will help keep the sticky caramel at bay while filling your mouth with a blend of sweet and tart.
Try it with: Woodchuck Granny Smith Tart Green Apple



Almond Joy + Coconut Porter: Pretty sure that Almond Joys and Coconut Irish porters are brothers from another mother. That being said, they play pretty nicely together on the palate and help strengthen each other’s flavors for an all-encompassing, chocolate and coconut experience.
Try it with: Oskar Blues Death By Coconut



Candy Corn + Light Lager: The subtle caramel-honey flavor of candy corn pairs remarkably well with the fresh malty flavor of a lager. The crispness of the lager will subdue the strong sweetness of the candy corn and creates a pairing that that’s perfect for a sipping and snacking session in your favorite chair.
Try it with: Deep Ellum Neato Bandito


Sour Gummy Candy + IPA: You’ll want to start with the kind of sour gummy that really makes your face pucker, so the chaser swig of IPA is that much more refreshing. The intense hoppiness of the IPA will actually bring out the sweetness of the tart and juicy candy.
Try it with: Founders All Day IPA



Milk Duds + Amber Ale: Milk Duds themselves represent the dynamic duo of chocolate and caramel – now add more caramel from the amber ale, plus malty goodness to enhance the chocolate. The brew’s slightly dry and bitter finish will keep you tipping that little yellow box back till they’re all gone.
Try it with: Independence Austin Amber



Red Licorice + Pilsner: Whether you’re repping Red Vines or Twizzlers or some third party contender, you can count on red licorice to be super sweet and fruity. The citrus and herbal notes of a Pilsner enhance the red licorice’s fruit flavors while the hoppiness tames the candy’s unbridled sweetness.
Try it with: Warsteiner Golden Pilsener